Aroma beads are amazing clear plastic beads that absorb fragrance oil. They are much stronger than conventional potpourri.

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Aroma beads have the scent of a candle without the danger of a flame! Our aroma beads are made with our highly concentrated fragrance oils and are available in over 100 fragrances! There are many uses for aroma beads: Use them in potpourri dishes, in your vacuum cleaner, in love letters & greeting cards, in your floral arrangements, as filler for stuffed animals! Place sachets in your car, drawer, luggage, cupboards, hampers, locker, shoe boxes, storage boxes, closets, bathrooms, garment bags! Sachets make great wedding & baby shower favors! Plus much more! Our Aroma Beads are made fresh upon ordering. Processing time varies depending on the fragrance, but it takes 3 to 4 days on average.

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After Glow, Aloha, Angel Wings, Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Aqua Di Gio Type (Men's), Baby Powder, Baby's Room, Banana, Beach Bound, Birds of Paradise, Birthday Cake, Black Ice, Blooming Jasmine, Blue Hawaii, Blueberry, Bump N' Grind, Butt Naked, Caramel Apple, Cherry, Cherry Lemonade, Christmas Cabin, Christmas Tree, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bun, Clean Cotton, Coco Mango, Coconut, Cool Water Type (Men's), Country Christmas, Couture Hotness, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus, Floral Bouquet, Formal Affair Men's, Fresh Linen, Gardenia, Grandma's Kitchen, Harvest Spice, Hidden Desire (Men's), Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Jasmine Vanilla, Laundry Fresh, Lavender, Lavender Rain, Leather, Leather & Lace, Lemon, Lemon Lavender